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Public Information Bulletin of the Capital City of Warsaw

Public Information Bulletin (BIP - Biuletyn Informacji Publicznej) is a portal providing acces to public information according to article 8 of Public Information Acces Act. English version of Public Information Bulletin contains basic information about the city and the Municipal Government as well as recently created and resoluted Statute of the Capital City of Warsaw. For details please use Main menu.

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Created by Świeca Jakub (GP) (Gabinet Prezydenta (GP)) 2007-10-09
Submited by Makarewicz Andrzej (GP) (Gabinet Prezydenta (GP)) 2008-12-10
Approved by Kozak Ewelina (OU) (Biuro Organizacji Urzędu (OU)) 2008-12-11
Published by Świeca Jakub (GP) (Gabinet Prezydenta (GP)) 2015-05-20
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