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The City of Warsaw Departments


Departments are one of the basic organisational units of the Capital City of Warsaw Municipal Office and its activities encompass the area of the entire City of Warsaw (the borough). Departments are comprised of internal units, such as Offices, Groups, Representation Offices, as well as single and multi-person positions.

The work of the Departments is supervised by Directors.

The Capital City of Warsaw Municipal Office is comprised of the following Departments (links to Polish sites):

  1. Administration & Resident Services Department
  2. Administration Department
  3. Architecture & Spatial Planning Department
  4. Internal Audit Department
  5. Public Safety & Crisis Management Department
  6. Digitalization Department
  7. Mobility Policy & Public Transport Department
  8. Education Department
  9. European Funds & Development Policy Department
  10. Geodesy & Cadastre Department
  11. Municipal Waste Management Department
  12. Infrastructure Department
  13. Human Resources & Training Department
  14. Supervision Department
  15. Accounting & Countersignature Department
  16. Culture Department
  17. Marketing Department
  18. City and State Treasury Property Department
  19. Corporate Governance Department
  20. Air Protection and Climate Policy Department
  21. Environmental Protection Department
  22. Central Coordination Department
  23. Budgetary Planning Department
  24. Taxpayer Service Centre
  25. Debt & Receivables Department
  26. Housing Policy Department
  27. Welfare & Social Projects Department
  28. Health Policy Department
  29. Legal Department
  30. Warsaw City Council Department
  31. Economic Development Department
  32. Sports & Leisure Department
  33. Real Estate Restitution Department
  34. Heritage Protection Department
  35. International Cooperation Department
  36. Public Procurement Department
  37. Compatibility Office
  38. Mayor's Office
  39. Centre for Public Communication
  40. Centre for ICT Networks and Data
  41. Civil Registrar’s Office
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