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The City of Warsaw - General Information

Contact System Warsaw 19115

NIP (tax identification number) of the City of Warsaw: 525-229-68-18
REGON of the City of Warsaw: 015259663

The NIP and REGON were assigned to the City of Warsaw for the purpose of settling salary liabilities with the employees of the City of Warsaw.

Working hours*:

Monday: 8.00 AM - 6.00 PM** Monday - Friday: 8.00 AM - 4.00 PM
  1. Inhabitants Attendance District Departments 
  2. Cash-desks of the Budget and Financial District Departments  
  3. City Registrar's Office
  4. Administrative Department - Main Office
  5. Administration and Civil Service Department - District Branch Offices
  6. Consumer Ombudsman Department
  7. Lost and Found Office
  8. Licence and Road Transport Department
  9. Citizen Service Point (Starynkiewicza Square 7/9, p. 33)
Other organisational entities of the City of Warsaw

* Pursuant to Article 23, paragraph 3 of the Organisational Regulations of the Capital City of Warsaw, the Mayor can determine other working hours for the City of Warsaw in justifiable cases
** Pursuant to Article 23, paragraph 2 of the above mentioned Regulations, additional working hours shall be introduced to the organisational entities of the City of Warsaw dealing directly with residents' affairs: Mondays, from 4 PM to 6 PM. The list of such units is to be appropriately made public, including their publication in the Public Information Bulletin of the Capital City of Warsaw.

In its current form, the City of Warsaw was set up on 27 October, 2002. Pursuant to Article 18 paragraph 1 of the Act of 15 March, 2002 on the Structure of the Capital City of Warsaw, the City of Warsaw includes the following formerly independent entities: the Management Office of the Capital City of Warsaw, the Staroste's Office of the Warsaw County, Warsaw's Borough Offices and District Offices of the Warsaw-Centrum Borough and the Wesoła Borough Office.

The City of Warsaw operates on the basis of legal regulations, including the provisions of local law, the Mayor's resolutions, as well as on the basis of regulations which determine the organisation of the former boroughs of Warsaw, the districts of the Borough of Warsaw-Centrum and the Borough of Wesoła, applied appropriately and within a scope which does not infringe the Act on the Structure of the Capital City of Warsaw.

The District Offices are entities of the City of Warsaw appropriate to the city's districts and are comprised of District Departments.

The basic organisational units of the City of Warsaw are:

  • Departments (which can also be called ‘cabinets’ or otherwise, if it results from the Regulations), which are appropriate to the City of Warsaw
  • The City Registrar's Office, also appropriate to the City of Warsaw
  • District Departments, appropriate to individual Districts, with a seat in each District

The Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw directs the work of the Office with the help of Deputy Mayors, the Treasurer, the City Clerk, District Board Members and Managers of organisational units

The Office is an organisational unit, with the help of which:

  • The Mayor of the City performs public borough and county-specific tasks which lie within the scope of his or her competencies, as well as commissioned tasks in the area of government administration, including tasks resulting from the fact that  Warsaw is the Capital of Poland, as well as tasks resulting from agreements concluded with units of the territorial government
  • The District Boards perform tasks related to local matters, specified in Article 11 paragraph 2 of the the Structure of the Capital City of Warsaw Act, as well as tasks delegated to the Districts on the basis of resolutions of the Warsaw City Council. Those tasks are carried out by the District Boards with the assistance of District Offices

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