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Warsaw City Council - General Information  

The Council of the Capital City of Warsaw includes 60 members

The tasks of the Council of the Capital City of Warsaw are specified in Article 18 of the Act on Borough Self-Government and Article 12 of the Act on County Self-Government, as well as in the Structure of the Capital City of Warsaw Act.

The main tasks are:

  • Approving the draft statute of the City and approving the final statute after consultations with the President of the Council of Ministers
  • On a motion from the Mayor, appointing and dismissing the treasurer of the city (the main budget accountant), as well as the City Clerk 
  • Approving the city's budget, examination of the report on its execution and granting (or withholding) the vote of approval for the Mayor
  • Approving local spatial management plans
  • Passing property-related resolutions which exceed the scope of tasks of a regular board
  • Passing resolutions on: the coat of arms, names of public streets and squares, as well as on erecting monuments.
  • Granting honorary citizenship of the city

For Councillors list click here

The Council's Office Secretariat

Palace of Culture and Science
00-110 Warsaw
pl. Defilad 1, 20th floor, Room 2013
Phone: +48 22 656 78 30
Fax: +48 22 656 66 29

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